Designed specifically for account executives.

Scratchpad is the fastest experience to update Salesforce, take sales notes, and work your daily todos.

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Salesforce requires too many clicks, is inconvenient to access and notoriously slow.

So you end up keeping mental notes. Or painstakingly maintain a to-do list, spreadsheet, or calendar events to stay organized. And you constantly switch tabs.

Until now — Meet Scratchpad.

Scratchpad - Product preview

Scratchpad is built for speed.

How much time do you waste waiting for Salesforce to load? How many tabs do you switch to complete a task? 

Scratchpad is built from the ground up for sales, which means speed. We designed every feature and interaction with account executives in mind.

Scratchpad is fast. Beautifully simple. And comes with thoughtful design and advanced features that make the tedious work you currently do fade into the background.

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Man on the phone

Spend more time selling. Less time clicking.

When you have tens or hundreds of tasks each day, every click matters. Scratchpad combines notes, tasks and customer context including emails, calendar events, and activity history into one simple view. No more bouncing between tabs to get the full picture and take action.

Working on a laptop

Better data in your CRM.

Scratchpad helps you update important fields for each opportunity and syncs all your open tasks and logs completed activities to Salesforce. You get a faster way to work and more contextual data in your CRM - all with less effort.

Notebook and pen

Stay organized with ease.

Scratchpad is fast and easy to access. Clear your head adding new tasks as they come to mind, quickly write notes during or after a call, see what tasks you have left to tackle, and get a quick glance of your calendar events for the day.

Working man

Beautiful experience.

You spend hours every day working on notes, todos and updating opportunity fields. When you use something for that long, it should be fast and delightful.

Pauly Shore
CEO - Something Business
“The best I ever had. I think.”
Rick James
CEO - Something Business
“Scratchpad is fast. Beautifully simple.”
Dick Tracy
CEO - Something Business
“Scratchpad is fast. Beautifully simple. And comes with thoughtful design and advanced features.”

You’ve never experienced productivity like Scratchpad.

Within a few hours you’ll wonder how you ever closed a sale without it.
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For Account Executives, Account Managers, and Customer Success.